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paint correction on red truck in Wylie, TX
paint correction on truck, Wylie, Texas
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How Paint Correction Works

Shell Shocked Wrap's team delivers high-quality paint correction services Wylie Tx, so you can be assured that your paint will shine as it came straight from the showroom floor. With professionalism, attention to detail, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge methods, we guarantee premium paint correction services in Wylie Tx. 

Let us get you familiarized with how paint protection works and how your dream vehicle can benefit tremendously from it!

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Getting The Paint Prepped For A Touch-Up

The paint needs to be scrubbed clean before any adjustments can be made. After polishing, if contaminants are left behind, swirl markings may appear. Clean the paint with chemicals and a foam cannon to remove any dust or debris that may have settled on it. After washing, a premium microfiber towel is used to dry the vehicle. The quality of the clay bar is established by the degree of contamination.

To get the paint ready, you can use clay bars to remove any remaining dirt or debris. The vehicle is then rinsed using a touchless wash and dried once more. Next, we'll protect the emblems and trim them by taping them off. The vehicle's paint treatment is complete and ready for final inspection and tweaking.

Work Experience

The Three Paint Correction Stages

Step 1

Putting an end to the main problems

Step 2
Enhancing the paint job

Step 3
Polishing and finalizing

Here we begin the process at our paint correction shop in Wylie Texas. Depending on the severity of the flaws, we will utilize either a rotary or a dual-action polisher. Even the most severe scratches and swirl patterns can be removed using machines with a rotating disc. To fix minor flaws, you can use a dual-action polisher. Each device typically makes use of a wool or foam pad. To do this, often, a strong cutting compound is used.

The purpose of the second method is to enhance the paint quality to the greatest extent possible. If this is done effectively, the next stage will be considerably less difficult if this is done effectively. At this stage, compound and polish are applied after using a dual-action polisher with a medium cut pad.

Polishing the paint is the final step in the process of paint repair. The paint job will look brand new after this is done. Starting with a single panel, we utilize a dual-action polisher and finishing foam pad lubricated with nonabrasive polish to bring the entire vehicle back to showroom condition. After we finished polishing the paint, we double-checked to be sure there was no leftover residue.

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The Benefits of Paint Correction Services Wylie Tx 

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Scratches in the paint will cause it to deteriorate over time because they function as a magnet for water, oxygen, chemicals, dirt, and other impurities. Rusting and corrosion are potential issues that could be expensive to fix. With paint repair, these flaws are not only concealed but also eliminated.

  • Preservation of Original Paint

  • Improves the shine of your car's paint

The scratches in the protective clear coat can be repaired with paint restoration. The paint can be polished to restore its wet look. Your vehicle will look years younger after being repainted with a more modern color scheme and brighter paint.

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