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window tint
Wylie, Texas

If you're looking for that extra layer of protection for your vehicle, then look no further because Shell Shocked Wraps is now offering window tinting services here in Wylie!


What are the benefits of window tinting?

Aside from the luxury and privacy you can get from window tinting, you might find yourself to be very surprised at how helpful and beneficial it can be to have installed in your vehicle. Window tinting from Shell Shocked Wraps in Wylie, Texas is the perfect addition to keep your car cooler during our INTENSE Texas summers!


Touching back on the visuals you can get from a professionally installed window tint can keep your car looking good all year round while keeping you cool with up to 70% heat rejection and 99% UV rejection.


Knowing all this, doesn't it make all the sense in the world to get your vehicle tinted by our professional staff here at Shell Shocked Wraps?

Different types of window tinting

There's a method to the madness when it comes to choosing the perfect window tint for your vehicle. Not all window tinting is made equal and there are things to consider such as cost, quality, privacy and functionality. Some of the most common types of window tints are:

  • Metallized film

  • Ceramic film

  • Carbon window tint film

  • Dyed window tint film 

To add to this, you can also choose different shade levels to adjust to your privacy and aesthetic level that you may want, giving you the perfect look for YOUR vehicle!

Feel free to ask us any  questions you may have about window tinting, we are always here to help.

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Chrome green wrap on Jeep Trackhawk in Wylie, TX._edited.jpg
Chrome green wrap on Jeep Trackhawk in Wylie, TX._edited.jpg



sunroof & windshield package_edited.png
standard window tint package (1).png

standard package

Sides & Rear

windshield / sunstrip / sunroof

Most of The Heat And Damaging UV Rays Are Allowed in Your Car Through the Windshield and Sunroof. Protect Your Car From The Sun's Damaging UV Rays.

Front window tint package_edited.png

front package

Driver & Passenger

White Earth
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