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Your vehicle is an extended version of you, from the model, to the tune, and all the way down to the look.... Make your investment car look more like YOU!

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paint protection film shop
Wylie, Texas

Welcome to Shell Shocked Wraps, home of the best paint protection film installers in Wylie, Texas.

Shell Shocked Wraps is a car wrap shop that has been providing professional PPF installation services, window tinting services and vinyl wrap for years. Our team of trained and experienced professionals has years of experience installing protectants to all types of vehicles. We have the latest vinyl printers to ensure your images, colors, and text looks amazing on your wrap.
Our team offers the best wrap and protective services in town for an unbeatable price. You can learn more about our company, products, and services below.

About Us
If you would like to learn more about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a team of professional auto enthusiasts that specialize in protecting and enhancing vehicles. Shell Shocked Wraps uses vinyl wraps and paint protection films to achieve these goals. Our team has years of experience and always stays up to date on the latest technologies and products in the industry. This ensures your wrap or PPF is made from the highest quality materials and will look great for years. We are available today to provide wrap and PPF services in Wylie, TX.

Protect your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film
Your vehicle is a large investment. Finding damage to your car or truck can be extremely discouraging. Preemptive protection techniques can reduce the risk of damage to your car or truck. We offer a wide range of products that will add a layer of protection to your vehicle. We feature paint protection film (PPF) also known as clear bra products. These products are cost-effective and will add years of protection to any vehicle.


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Chrome green wrap on Jeep Trackhawk in Wylie, TX._edited.jpg
Chrome green wrap on Jeep Trackhawk in Wylie, TX._edited.jpg

Car of the month

Jeep Trackhawk "DADHawk"
Jeep Trackhawk, Lime Green Chrome wrap.png

Done and ready for the next one! 
Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk AKA - DADHAWK was wrapped in @hexisamericas Lime Green Chrome!


Additionally Laminated with Gloss Laminate for a small layer of protection for clean install!


Thank you @Mike Watson for the hook up on materials!
Turned out way better than anticipated!

Thank you Harper's Auto Grooming fo
r the 5 year Ceramic coating on top to really let it shine! 

paint protection film SERVICES

We provide a wide range of services that will protect and enhance your vehicle. Shell Shocked Wraps specializes in Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting services. The services we provide are all in line with your protecting your investment. We also offer a wide range of wraps, PPF wraps aka clear bra products. Car vinyl wraps are a great option for clients who want to alter or enhance the appearance of a vehicle. They can be used on a commercial vehicle to help promote your business as well. Our PPF products are designed to add a layer of protection to your vehicle. 

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps can enhance and protect any vehicle. We use the latest design and installation techniques to apply wraps to cars and trucks. Our wraps are made from the highest quality materials and will protect your paint for years. Our designers can create custom wraps that have high-definition images, clear text, and striking colors. An automotive vinyl wrap can help your business acquire clients or your personal vehicle to impress pedestrians. Feel free to call us today for more info on our car wrap services. The only limit is your imagination!

Paint Protection Film PPF

Do you worry about rock chips, scratches, or dings every time you get behind the wheel of your car? Give our team a call. Shell Shocked Wraps offers paint protection film installation services. PPF is a thin protective film that will reduce damage to your vehicle, and has become the preferred choice as a protective auto clear bra. It comes in a clear coat and can let the OEM paint job of your vehicle shine through. PPF will help protect your car and keep it looking great up to 10 years! All of our PPF products self-healing, this basically means that minor scratches will "heal" in the sun almost instantly!

Window Tinting

Window Tinting services are often an overlooked part of vehicle protection. Here at Shell Shocked Wraps we offer window tinting as another service geared not only for improving the aesthetic look of the vehicle but to also provide yet another layer of protection, only using the best materials in the market. We know that there are many window tinting benefits, such as privacy, aesthetic enhancement, heat reduction and upholstery preservation. Our staff is very knowledgeable, reach out to us to get a free window tinting quote or if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you!

We are proud to use only the BEST brands for our auto wrapping services