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The best headlight and taillight tinting at Shell Shocked Wraps

” Regarding headlight and taillight tinting, Shell Shocked Wraps stands as the unrivaled expert. Our headlight and taillight tinting services are a harmonious blend of precision, creativity, and safety. We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and protect your headlights and taillights from the elements. With our expertly applied tinting, your headlights and taillights will exude a sleek and distinctive look while maintaining an optimal look. Trust Shell Shocked Wraps for the best in headlight and taillight tinting – where style meets safety with unmatched expertise.”
headlight tint in Wylie, TX - shell shocked wraps

What is Headlight Tinting?

Headlight tinting is adding a colorful or dark film to a vehicle’s headlights to change their appearance or improve their performance. It can be done for aesthetic reasons, such as giving headlights a bespoke look, or it can have a helpful purpose, such as decreasing glare, guarding against UV damage, or improving visibility in specific driving circumstances.

What are the benefits of Headlight Tint

The benefits of headlight tint include enhanced aesthetics, reduced glare, and improved visibility in certain driving conditions. Our Paint Protection Film Headlight and Taillight tint provides 1-5 years of protection from impact and UV.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Headlight tinting can transform the appearance of your vehicle by giving it a sleek and customized look, making it stand out on the road with a unique style.

Reduced Glare

Reduced Glare Tinted headlights can reduce glare from approaching headlights, making nighttime driving more comfortable and lowering driver eye strain.

Protection from Rocks

Our Paint Protection Film that is made to tint headlights also provides Rock Chip Resistance, as well as UV Protection, serving a dual purpose!

Rear taillight tint

Shell Shocked Wraps provides excellent rear taillight tinting services that go beyond looks. Our meticulous craftsmanship and superior materials change the look of your vehicle’s rear lights, giving a touch of elegance and practical benefits. Our rear taillight tints can help minimize glare from your vehicle’s brake lights, making nighttime driving more comfortable and safe. Furthermore, they serve as a protective screen, shielding your taillights from potential UV damage and wear, ensuring they retain their beautiful appearance for years. Shell Shocked Wraps provides rear taillight tinting that blends elegance and usefulness, elevating your vehicle’s customization and protection to the next level. Avaliable in Clear and Grayscale Colors

Our Headlight Tint Packages

Our headlight tint packages at Shell Shocked Wraps not only add a stylish and unique touch to your vehicle’s appearance but also enhance nighttime driving comfort, with different options to suit your preferences and local regulations.

Headlight Tint

Taillight tint

Our Vehicle Wrapping Packages

Our ceramic coating packages at Shell Shocked Wraps deliver long-lasting protection and a showroom shine for your vehicle, with options tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your investment remains in impeccable condition.


Headlight tinting rules differ by location; therefore, checking your local requirements before tinting is critical. Some areas have severe regulations about the amount of light that must enter through the headlights, while others may prohibit particular colors or tones. To avoid potential penalties or safety hazards, be sure your tinting complies with local legislation.

Yes. Our quality films are transparent and still visible even in daylight. The tint shows the red of the brakes easily through the film!

Yes, headlight tint can usually be removed; however, the ease of removal is determined by the quality of the film and the installation technique. When professionally removed, professional-grade tinting films frequently leave little to no residue. Low-quality films, on the other hand, may leave a sticky residue that requires more effort to clear. Always speak with a professional when removing headlight tint for the best results.

For any inquiries or to schedule your taillight tint appointment today, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 972-439-1411 or visit us at 1143 Bozman Rd, Building 4-402, Wylie, TX 75098. Discover how Shell Shocked Wraps can elevate your vehicle’s style and protection.