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1143 Bozman Rd, Building 4-402, Wylie, TX 75098

The Best EV Services For Electric Vehicles In Wylie, TX

Are you looking for the right place where you can take care of all your electric car needs? Look no further than Shell Shocked Wraps in Wylie, TX. We offer ceramic coating, window tinting, paint protection film, and customizable vinyl wraps for customizing, protecting, and preserving your vehicle. Call us at 972-439-1411 to book an appointment now!

rv đetailing service - Shell Shocked Wraps is Wylie, Texas

What Services Does Shell Shocked Wraps Offer For EV?

At Shell Shocked Wraps, we offer multiple detailing services. Here are what Shell Shocked Wraps provide for electric vehicles.

Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating to an electric car offers improved energy efficiency and range preservation by reducing air resistance, enhancing aerodynamics, and keeping the vehicle’s surface clean and smooth. It contributes to a greener, more sustainable driving experience and saves the owner money by reducing energy consumption and recharge frequency.
Package 1
1 Year coating on paint without Polishing $350
1 Year coating on paint without Polishing $500
Package 2
4 Year Coating on Paint Only $900
5 Year Self Healing Ceramic Coating on Paint $1350
Package 3
8 Year Premium Coating on Paint $1250
Combine any with our Ceramic coating on Wheels, Windows, Trim and Plastics for $350

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a paint protection applied to your electric car. It safeguards your investment, helps maintain resale value, and contributes to the long-term longevity of your eco-friendly vehicle, all while ensuring it looks its best throughout its lifespan. This is crucial to have with the soft paint of EV’s on the market!

Bumper $600
Full Front $1950
Full Car $6500

Window Tinting

Window tinting improves energy efficiency by reducing the amount of sunlight and heat that enters the vehicle, which is especially valuable for electric cars striving to maximize their range. Window tinting provides privacy and security.

Package 1
Front 2 Windows
Carbon (No heat rejection) $150
Nano-Ceramic (78% Heat Rejection) $200
Ceramic Plus (Up to 98% heat rejection) $250
Package 2
Sides and Rear
Carbon $350
Ceramic $440
Ceramic Plus $600
Package 3
Full Windshield (Ceramic Plus ) $450
Full Windshield (Nano-Ceramic) $325
Model 3 Cranberry (1)
Lucid Foam


Detailing an electric car helps protect its exterior from environmental elements, such as dirt, dust, and pollutants, which can be particularly important for electric vehicles as they often have sensitive aerodynamics that impact their efficiency.
Exterior Detail $175
Interior Detail $175
Interior and Exterior Detail $300

Vehicle Wrapping

Choosing an electric vehicle is an intelligent decision, mainly if you are concerned with the future. Determining which electric vehicle (EV) you want will take some time, but you can customize it with EV coverings. Vinyl wrapping is entirely safe for the majority of electric cars. We will wrap your EV in a shiny, sleek finish at Shell Shocked Wraps.
Cars $4250
Trucks $4500
SUV $5200
Vampire Plaid

For any inquiries or to schedule your EV services appointment today, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 972-439-1411 or visit us at 1143 Bozman Rd, Building 4-402, Wylie, TX 75098. Discover how Shell Shocked Wraps can elevate your vehicle’s style and protection.