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Shell Shocked Wraps in Wylie, TX. has had the pleasure of working on many uniquely, stylish projects, so we decided to once a month showcase some of these awesome projects in the "CAR OF THE MONTH' section!

Take a look at some of the coolest vehicle wraps driving around the Wylie are, wrapped exclusively at Shell Shocked Wraps!

Chevrolet Corvette C8 vinyl wrap in Wylie TX_

Car of the month

Chevrolet Corvette C8 vinyl wrapped in Wylie Texas

This beautiful C8 came in for a full wrap and on top we added stripes and other decals around it to give it the unique look.


We also topped it with a ceramic coating, windshield banner and window tint!


This C8.R looks so awesome!


Can’t wait to see the photos of it at the track!

Gaurdians of the galaxy car wrap, Wylie TX..jpg

Car of the month

"Gamora The Explorer"
Gamora Car Wrap (1).png


Check out this MARVELous Wrap!
Guardians Of The Galaxy - Gamora Themed Wrap on this Ford Explorer ST that's out of this world!

Matte military green wrap to match Gamora skin color.
Galaxy door jambs and Stripes since Gamora is a “Explorer” of the “Galaxy”!

Audi Q8 S Line with matte PPF.jpg

Car of the month

Audi Q8 S Line
Matte PPF Audi Q8 S Line.png

Full Matte PPF, Window Tint and Gloss Black wheels for this beautiful Audi Q8 S Line!


Changed up the whole look of the car while getting full protection!

Chrome green wrap on Jeep Trackhawk in Wylie, TX._edited.jpg

Car of the month

Jeep Trackhawk "DADHawk"
Jeep Trackhawk, Lime Green Chrome wrap.png

Done and ready for the next one! 
Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk AKA - DADHAWK was wrapped in @hexisamericas Lime Green Chrome!


Additionally Laminated with Gloss Laminate for a small layer of protection for clean install!


Thank you @Mike Watson for the hook up on materials!
Turned out way better than anticipated!

Thank you Harper's Auto Grooming fo
r the 5 year Ceramic coating on top to really let it shine! 

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