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the best COLOUR CHANGE WRAP on the gold coast, qld

Looking to give your car a fresh, unique look? Our colour change wraps, or car vinyl wraps are perfect for rejuvenating your vehicle’s style! With Radikal Wraps expert creative team, your vehicle will showcase a dazzling and distinctive custom design and finish. Our premium material selection prioritises quality, reliability, durability and finish that will turn heads everywhere you drive. Take your ride to the next level today with a colour change wrap from Radikal Wraps in Gold Coast!


A colour change wrap is more than a mere makeover – it’s a total transformation for your vehicle. This process involves applying a seamless, high-quality vinyl film over your car’s exterior, completely revamping its colour. Whether you’re after a subtle shift or a drastic change, we’ve got you covered. Our array of design choices spans from classic gloss and matte finishes to gradient and metallic/chrome effects, as well as fully customised graphic designs for those seeking a truly unique look.


A vinyl wrap does more than change your vehicle’s aesthetic. At Radikal Wraps, we only use premium-quality vinyl wraps to elevate your car’s appearance. Here are the top three advantages you can look forward to.

Revitalise Your Ride

Colour change wrap offers an easy and versatile way to transform your car's appearance. Whether you want a gloss, matte, satin, chrome, or flip finish, vinyl wraps let you switch up your vehicle's look without the commitment of a new paint job. They can also act as a protective layer against minor scratches and sun damage.

Value for Money

Choosing a vinyl wrap instead of a full respray is a win for your wallet and schedule. Not only is a colour change wrap a more economical choice, but it's also quicker, needing less than half the respray time. Plus, enjoy the bonus of a protective shield against minor scratches and sun-UV damage to your factory paint.

Effortless Advertising

If you run a business, vinyl wraps can be an effective and affordable advertising tool. A striking vehicle wrap can generate thousands of views daily, increasing brand awareness and promoting your services even when your vehicle is parked. It's a savvy way to make your vehicle work for you, even when you're not on the road​.

Choose a colour below and move the slider across to see the change!

*This simulator is for visual purposes. Book a custom consultation to see what we can do for you and your vehicle!

Fire Spark

Our Colour Change Wrap Packages

Signature package

Coupe Vehicles: from $4,550
Sedan Vehicles: from $5,950
SUV: from $6,250

Armor Package

Coupe Vehicles add $450
Sedan Vehicles add $550
SUV add $650


Vehicle Styling Consultation

Vehicle Styling Consultation

Visualize Your Dream Ride: Pre-Wrap Preview Delight!

You want to stand out from the crowd and go the full 100 yards, with style. What better way than having a glimpse of what your vehicle could look like before it is even wrapped?

If you want to set off the look of your new vehicle wrap, we can add:

  • Racing Stripes
  • Gloss Carbon Accents
  • Head and Tail Light Tinting
  • Decals and Liveries
  • Colour Chrome Details
  • Body Kits

Visualize the Possibilities

From stripes to full-colour changes, we offer a glimpse of your car’s transformation before it becomes a reality.

Stunning Photo and Video Renders

Our team will create captivating renders of your vehicle, allowing you to envision its new look in vivid detail.

Eliminate Uncertainty

Say goodbye to guesswork as we provide a clear preview of how your car could appear even before the wrapping process begins.

Share and Amaze

Share our remarkable renders with friends and family, inviting them to witness the captivating evolution of your vehicle’s style.

Commercial Signage

Vinyl Signage Mastery: Make Your Business Shine on Wheels!

The best way to advertise your business is by wrapping your vehicle with Vinyl, and getting attention while driving.

From partial to full wraps, brand stickers, Wall signage, building signs, window graphics, and films; we can assist with refining your ideas and business needs.

We create custom colour change wraps to help your business stand out on the road.


Various Options

From simple cut logos on the sides and rear of the vehicle through a partial wrap, a full wrap in coloured vinyl, or a full high-quality printed vinyl we can help.

Captivate with Style

We create eye-catching messages and stunning full-colour graphics, converting your car into a premium advertising space.

Visualize the Possibilities

Take the Guess Factor out of the equation and have a glimpse of what your car could look like.

Protect and Preserve

Protects from UV damage, fading, and discolouration on your paintwork!


A vinyl wrap can last from two to five years, depending on how well it is maintained and whether Ceramic Coating has been applied. A proper sealing coating with Sio2 combined with regular cleaning and avoiding harsh chemicals can help extend the vinyl wrap’s life.

No, a vinyl wrap is designed to protect the car’s paint job to an extent and can be easily removed. A vinyl wrap can help to preserve the car’s paint by preventing UV damage, fading and discolouration.

Yes, one of the benefits of a vinyl wrap is that it can be customised to fit any design or pattern you desire. Our Studio offers state-of-the-art technology to render images of your vehicle while creating amazing designs that match any personal style or business branding.

Transform your ride today with a vibrant, eye-catching car colour change wrap from Radikal Wraps in Gold Coast. Choose from a wide selection of colours and designs to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Book your appointment now by calling Radikal Wraps at (07) 3063 1266 or visit us at Unit 10/7-9 Octal St, Yatala QLD 4207, Australia. Don’t wait. Elevate your ride with a stunning colour change wrap today!