How long does it take to get a ceramic coat on a new car?

Putting a ceramic coating on a vehicle for the first time may prove difficult for an individual who has never done anything. Therefore, before making the investment, it is essential to thoroughly understand the process of applying a ceramic coating using the appropriate information. However, how much time is necessary to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle? It is a significant effort that requires expertise, a depth of knowledge, and time.

In this article, Shell Shocked Wrap will explain how long the different steps of applying a ceramic coating take, including the preparation, application, and curing procedures. This will allow you to know precisely how to arrange your time when having a ceramic coating applied to your car while you are doing so.

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What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution applied to the outside of a car to protect the paint on the vehicle from any damage that the environment may cause. As soon as it is done, a ceramic coating will blend in smoothly with your car’s paint, producing an invisible layer of protection. 

How long does it usually take to apply a ceramic coating?

It usually only takes two or three days to apply the ceramic coating. Depending on the vehicle’s state being coated, the preparation might take anywhere from one to two days, making it the most time-consuming. The actual coating application shouldn’t take more than an hour. The coating also needs plenty of time to dry and cure—usually twelve to twenty-four hours

The preparation

Preparation is the stage that demands the most significant investment of energy and time. It is necessary to wash and polish the car thoroughly before applying the ceramic coating. To ensure a successful adhesion between the ceramic coating and the surface, cleaning the surface thoroughly and removing any pollutants is vital. 

Decontamination and washing should only take two or three hours if all materials are ready and work is done correctly. Naturally, you may want an additional hour or two to familiarize yourself with the procedure if your vehicle is in deplorable shape or if this is your first attempt at anything similar.

Time for ceramic coating application

Applying a ceramic coating to most different types of automobiles will take anywhere from half to an hour. If you have adequately prepared the paint and adhered to the guidelines that came with the coating, the method ought to be rather basic. The process is straightforward, and if you have fully prepared for it, there shouldn’t be any issues to worry about!

Time for the ceramic coating to cure

After applying a ceramic coating to the surface, it is essential to wait a certain period for the coating to cure to its ideal condition completely. In the beginning stages of the curing process, it must not touch any water on any occasion. The protective characteristics of the coating will be diminished if it gets wet before the drying process is completed, and the coating will not be able to provide the required degree of protection for the vehicle.

Following the application of a ceramic coating, the first drying process typically takes between 12 and 24 hours to go through. Your car should be kept dry and, if possible, maintained in a controlled atmosphere throughout this period to facilitate the drying and curing processes of the vehicle. If you want the best possible outcomes, we strongly advise that you refrain from driving your car during this period.

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Where can you find the highest-quality ceramic coatings?

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