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Wylie, Texas

If you’re looking to promote your business or just improve your branding, it’s a very good idea to use truck wraps. We are here to help you learn what is a vinyl truck wrap, and you will also understand the true benefit that comes from using this it for commercial or just personal style purposes.


It might not seem like a lot, but proper truck wrapping can bring in amazing visual potential and help you stand out here in Texas, a state where trucks are very common. You just have to check it out for yourself. There are truck wrap options in a variety of looks, colors and custom designs, you can easily pick what works for you and where you receive the best value.

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What is a vinyl truck wrap?

A truck wrap, just the same a vehicle wrap basically involves a roll of vinyl film that has cast colors or digitally printed graphics and can be safely added to your truck. Many people use truck wraps for branding, but others will also use them to shift the look of their truck in order to make it look better. On top of that, these wraps last for a lot of time, they are durable and dependable, easy to use and adjustable as you see fit.

Since you can use pretty much any graphic you want, that means these wraps are versatile and you can easily adapt them to your own requirements. You can be as creative as you want, and that’s the thing that truly makes it unique and different.

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Truck Wraps? 

When you’re trying to figure out what are the benefits of vinyl truck wraps, you will be impressed with how helpful these wraps can really be. The primary reason why you would want something like this is definitely because you are getting a lot of protection. Not only that, but you get to have an UV protective coating, that helps protect the paint from any type of fading.


It can also help to protect your car’s paint against any type of scratches, which is always a good thing to have.
On top of that, a truck wrap is also great if you want to customize your truck. It just makes your ride look cooler, and you will be impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

2021 RAM TRX for a full color change  truck wrap.jpg
Benefits of vinyl wrapping a truck

On top of that, you can go for a fully custom look or just partial decals.
It’s also important to note that your truck wrap is not that expensive.


It’s a lot cheaper when compared to a custom paint job. That’s especially true if you do the truck wrap yourself, which is certainly something to consider here.


Eventually, this can be removed and you can use another truck wrap if you want. A truck wrap lasts for a really long time, so you are getting a very good value for money.

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Which Parts of a Truck Can You Wrap? 

The great thing about a truck wrap is that you can easily wrap just about any panel on your truck, depending on what you want. For example, you can wrap the mirrors, rocker panels, quarter panels, pillar post trim, tailgate, doors, hood, bumper, roof and fender.


Of course, you can go with a full wrap if you want, that’s the ideal option, but we will leave that up to you. But the truth is that you can also wrap individual parts of your truck. It’s up to you as you figure out what approach gives the best aesthetics and what look you want to go for. So, if you were wondering which parts of a truck can you wrap, the answer is quite a lot of them, and you can go all in if you want, as always, Shell Shocked Wraps in Wylie is here to help!

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Want to learn more about truck wraps? Give our team a call today, we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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