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vinyl wrap Wylie, Texas

Vinyl vehicle wraps are a unique and stylish new way to customize and protect a vehicle. The process involves applying a layer of vinyl onto all exterior surfaces of your car or truck. Modern vinyl wraps can display high-quality text and images to further customize for your specific needs.


They can also be produced in vibrant and exciting colors, such as color shifts and chrome. The vinyl wrap also adds a layer of protection to the vehicle from UV rays and minor surface scratches. While vinyl wraps have been used for commercial vehicles for a long time, more clients in consumer markets have decided to wrap their vehicles as well.


Shell Shocked Wraps provides professional vinyl wrap services for commercial and individual clients in Wylie, TX. Feel free to email or call our team today to schedule a free consultation or appointment and let's turn your vision into a reality.

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What are Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl wraps can enhance and protect any vehicle. We use the latest design and installation techniques to apply vinyl wraps to cars and trucks. Our wraps are made from the highest quality materials and will protect your paint for years. Our designers can create custom wraps that have high-definition images, clear text, and striking colors. A vinyl wrap can help your business acquire clients or your personal vehicle to impress pedestrians. Feel free to call us today for more info on our vinyl wrap services. The only limit is your imagination!

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Wrapping your vehicle provides a wide range of benefits for vehicle owners. A custom-designed vinyl wrap will be much cheaper than a custom paint job, plus it helps maintain the value of your OEM quality paint. 


Unlike a paint job and because of the endless design possibilities we can create, the sky is the limit on the options you have to turn your vehicle into YOUR driving machine! 


Plus, car wraps are also reversible, so we can safely remove your vinyl wrap at any time with no damage to the vehicle. Vinyl wraps are also safe to use on a leased vehicle since once the wrap is removed, there will be no visible changes to the car, allowing you to express yourself even on a car you don't own. Once you plan to sell your vehicle, a wrap will help your vehicle maintain it’s resale value.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping your Vehicle

Vinyl Wraps for your Commercial Vehicle

If you use or own vehicles for your business, adding vinyl wraps to them is one of the most affordable and effective advertising tools out with the best ROI. Every time you visit a work location with your wrapped vehicle, other potential clients will notice your vehicle. Your design wrap will always be working for your business even when you aren't, like a 24/7 employee that you only pay for once. We can design a vinyl wrap that is an extremely effective marketing tool for any size business in Wylie, TX.


Vinyl wraps also protect your vehicles and will add years of life to the exterior of any commercial vehicle. Advertising with your vehicle is unobtrusive and can help your company find qualified and interested leads for your products and services in your local area.

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Vinyl Wraps for your Car or Truck

Vinyl wraps can look great on your personal vehicle as well. Shell Shocked Wraps can design and install a vinyl wrap that will capture your personality and your unique style.


Wraps come in limitless colors and designs, so we can transform your standard paint job into a head-turning masterpiece. We can also add any design, images, and text you desire to your vinyl wrap. Use your car or truck to make a personalized statement. Our vinyl wraps can be as simple or complex as your style, from mild to wild, we got you covered!

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Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you are interested in upgrading your vehicle with a custom vinyl wrap

we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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